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Richard Whitlock

Richard Whitlock

Richard Whitlock is a practicing artist, sculptor and film-maker. He studied history and modern languages at Oxford University, with a special art history concentration on Florence in the Renaissance. While at Oxford he worked for the sculptor Michael Black and for the scenographer Scirard Lancelyn-Green, later studying fine art at Brighton Art School and at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has lived in Thessaloniki since 1982, teaching art at the French Institute of Thessaloniki, the School for the Blind of Northern Greece, and the American College of Thessaloniki.


He has made sculptural, graphic and photographic installations in many parts of the world, such as L’âge d’or, an installation in an abandoned coal-mine in France, and Double Cube an installation in a Turkish baths in Thessaloniki in Greece, that was later re-made in the Palace of the Khans in Bakhchisaray in the Crimea. Previous works include a gigantic leaning tower in the Law Courts of St-Etienne in France, and a spatial transformation of a wing of the Talyzin-Ustinov palace in Moscow.

His non-perspectival photographs and 'moving pictures' have been exhibited in Helsinki, Grenoble, Crimea, Tashkent, Taipei, New York, Athens and Thessaloniki, and are discussed in Afterimage, and Photomediations Machine.

He has curated many exhibitions of other artists internationally.


'The Power of Perspective in the photographic Image’, in Photography and Power, Photomedia, Helsinki, 2015.
Non-perspectival photography – towards a post digital visuality, Photomediations Machine London, 2014.
‘Expanded view photography : the rejection of central perspective in art’, in Lundström, Jan-Erik (ed.) Kuinka valokuvaa katsotaan (How to know photographs), LIKE, Helsinki, 2012.


Richard Whitlock speaks English, French and Greek and has taught and lectured an all three languages. He also has a fair knowledge of German, Spanish and Italian. He has translated poetry and art criticism from Greek and French into English and worked as editor and translator of art publications for the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki, the Greek State Museum of Modern Art (Costakis Collection), the Goulandri Museum of Cycladic Art, the Center of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki and the Greek Ministry of Culture (Venice Biennale 2013).



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