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Dr. Irini A. Stamatoudi, LL.M., Ph.D (University of Leicester, UK)

Dr. Irini A. Stamatoudi, LL.M., Ph.D <em>(University of Leicester, UK)</em>

Irini Stamatoudi is a lawyer and is currently the Director of the Hellenic Copyright Organization, which belongs to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. She holds degrees from the University of Athens in Greece (Ptyhio Nomikis) and from the University of Leicester in the UK (LL.M. and Ph.D.). She was a lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leicester in England (1999-2001) before she returned permanently to Greece.

She has authored the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy specialisation course on copyright together with Paul Torremans and contributed to the drafting or updating of a number of other. She teaches on WIPO distance learning courses since their inauguration in 2001. She has also delivered lectures on various academic courses in Athens, Thessaloniki, Turin, Geneva and Strasbourg.

She has participated in national law drafting committees; she has represented Greece in the EU and in international fora (such as the Council of the European Union, WIPO, Unesco, etc.). She was elected vice-president in the 14th session of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee of the Universal Copyright Convention. She has acted as President in the IP Working Party (Copyright) during the Hellenic Presidency in the Council of the EU (first semester 2014).

She has acted both as leader and expert in a number of EU research and training projects.

She is on the WIPO, ICOM-WIPO and UNESCO lists for arbitrators and mediators for intellectual property and cultural property disputes.

She is a member of ALAI (the international copyright association) and a member of ATRIP (World Association for Teachers and Researchers in Intellectual Property).

She has acted as a cultural property law specialist for the Ministry of Culture from 1999 onwards. She has negotiated successfully the return of a number of antiquities from the US to Greece and participated in the negotiations for the conclusion of bilateral agreements between Greece and Switzerland and Greece and China. During the same period she participated as a legal counselor in the negotiations for the return of the Parthenon Marbles and she is acted as a member of the Committee (2013 - 2015) for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

She has been appointed by Greece President in the EU Council IP (Copyright) Working Group during the Hellenic Presidency in the EU (first semester 2014).

She has published in Greece, in the UK and in the US twelve books (4 monographs and 8 edited works) in the field of intellectual property law and cultural property law:

  • I. Stamatoudi and P. Torremans (eds), Copyright in the New Digital Environment: The Need to Redesign Copyright, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2000;
  • Stamatoudi, Multimedia products as copyright works, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002 (reprint 2008 and 2010);
  • Stamatoudi, Community Competition Law and Intellectual Property, Nomiki Vivliothiki, Athens, 2006 (in Greek);
  • Stamatoudi, Copyright Law. National Laws, Community Laws and International Conventions, Nomiki Vivliothiki, Athens, 2007 (in Greek);
  • L. Kotsiris – I. Stamatoudi, Commentary to the Greek Copyright Act, P. N. Sakkoulas, 2009 (in Greek);
  • Stamatoudi (ed.), Journalists and Mass Media Publishers. Copyright Law Issues, P. N. Sakkoulas, 2009 (in Greek);
  • Stamatoudi (ed), Copyright Enforcement and the Internet, Information Law Series, Wolters Kluwer. Law & Business, 2010;
  • Stamatoudi, Cultural Property Law and Restitution. A Commentary to International Conventions and European Union Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011,
  • G. Koumantos and I. Stamatoudi, Greek Copyright Law, P. Sakkoulas, Athens, 2014;
  • Stamatoudi and P. Torremans (eds), European Union Copyright Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham (UK) - Northampton (US), 2014;
  • I. Stamatoudi (ed), Copyright and the Digital Agenda for Europe: Current Regulations and Challenges for the Future, Sakkoulas Publications, Athens – Thessaloniki, P.N. Sakkoulas, 2015;
  • I. Stamatoudi (ed), New Developments in EU and International Copyright Law, Information Law Series (B. Hugenholtz (general editor)), Wolters Kluwer, 2016

She has also published numerous articles in law journals in Greece, UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the US, Poland and Turkey. She is also a contributor for Greece to L. Bently & P.E. Geller's International Copyright Laws and Practice, Lexis Nexis.

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