IHU Legal Studies Student Testimonials

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LLM in Transnational and European Commercial Law, Banking Law, Arbitration/Mediation

Antonios I. Papamatthaiouicon-text-blockquoteAfter 10 years of professional experience as a Public Prosecutor, LLM courses in Transnational and European Commercial Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution at IHU have been extremely pushing my knowledge and awareness of contemporary and emerging legal procedures leading to the future of law science and legal practice not only in Europe but also worldwide. blockquote_right

Antonios I. Papamatthaiou

Christina - Matina Momaicon-text-blockquoteI feel lucky that I was able to explore international law through IHU LLM program by attending lectures given by experts from all over the world in an excellent environment with great facilities in the most atmospheric city of Greece, Thessaloniki.blockquote_right

Christina - Matina Moma

Vasiliki Pantelidouicon-text-blockquoteBeing a student of the International Hellenic University has been a privilege for me. The LLM gave me the opportunity to explore new dimensions of law through a global perspective.

The courses of the LLM and the highly skilled professors enhanced my knowledge and ability of understanding new legal fields. blockquote_right

Vasiliki Pantelidou

Theodora Kioseoglouicon-text-blockquoteIHU’s Law program has knowledgeable academics, many of whom are leaders in their field and write the textbooks we use. It is a well-rounded program as I have studied not only transnational and European commercial law but also I experience advanced academic training into broader law disciplines.

I have enjoyed the course enormously due to the variety of modules. blockquote_right

Theodora Kioseoglou

Markos Chionosicon-text-blockquoteHaving graduated the Accounting & Finance department and working as a business consultant, I wanted to follow a special master that could lead me into the path of new sciences and knowledge.

In addition, my business experience has taught me that acting into the European and especially the International legal framework of commerce and business offers an added value to your career and strengthens your entrepreneurial skills and spirit overall.

That innovative IHU’s LLM, with the perfect mixture of lectures and practice delivered not only by professors, but by the guest lecturers as well, is precisely what someone thinking like me needs.

I won’t tell you that it an easy course. On the contrary, it is quite demanding. But believe me, it worth every second of it.blockquote_right

Markos Chionos

Maria  Lykouriotiicon-text-blockquoteIHUs international reputation, innovation, diversification of student body, and excellent faculty have prepared me with a strong academic foundation and invaluable practical knowledgeblockquote_right

Maria Lykourioti

Mona Schirmannicon-text-blockquoteTake a look over the garden fence of domestic law and come to study the LL.M. in Transnational and European Commercial Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution. The program consists of a one of a kind combination of well selected courses provided by an excellent, extraordinary and well picked international academic staff. It is a real pleasure and a privilege to listen to those experts filling your mind with up-to-date knowledge about Transnational Commercial Law, European Economic Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. I am very proud to be one of the first German students participating in this master program and I hope that many other students from all over the world will follow, as in my opinion every student who is thinking of doing postgraduate studies in the aforementioned areas of law should take this modern, unique and innovative program into consideration.blockquote_right

Mona Schirmann

Apostolia Pispiliicon-text-blockquoteAfter finishing my studies in Law, the opportunity to apply to IHU and attend this LLM program seemed rather challenging to me; the distinguished chosen professors, the combination of two rather promising educational fields and also the improvement of my English language skills seemed quite tempting motives to choose this LLM.

So far my choice hasn’t disappointed me at all. The opportunity to be taught by experts has not only broadened my knowledge but mostly my horizons. I was offered the opportunity to obtain knowledge I never expected to obtain in such a short period of time and therefore I’m able to look at the future with much more optimism. blockquote_right

Apostolia Pispili

Afroditi Semkouicon-text-blockquoteI consider this course a must-take. The opportunity to study law in an English-speaking University in my own country and meet top professors from around the world is an experience that I will long remember. Perhaps the best thing I can say about the course is that it has caused me to rethink where I want to be and what I want to be doing five years from now.blockquote_right

Afroditi Semkou

MA in Art Law and Arts Management

Aikaterini Stavrouicon-text-blockquoteAfter having incorporated into its context a major number of international law experts mandated to indicate the legal, cultural and, inevitably, economic considerations upon the issue of the globalized art market, this challenging and demanding postgraduate program has managed to build for us, i.e. its current international students, a unique and innovative vocation – specialization; a specialization based on the different perspectives arisen with regard to the crucial issue of art as creation, ownership and transactions.blockquote_right

Aikaterini Stavrou

Konstantina Takouicon-text-blockquoteIn 2012, International Hellenic University designed the Master program in Art, Law and Economy supervised by Professor Athanassios Kaissis. I would like to commend the selection of the teaching staff as well as the structure of the Master program and the object of the courses. I have to underline that its successful contribution in my career is worth a fortune , as the program opened up new horizons and broadened the field of my researches. Coming up from a literature background with no law knowledge, I found the MA in Art, Law and Economy courses were very helpful to give me a thorough understanding of art law. Our professors encouraged our research and professional interests and I got many occasions to write essays about the topics that appeal to me. The administrative personnel was polite and willing to serve our needs. Professor Athanassios Kaissis was dedicated to our success. He was always listening our issues carefully and was trying to give us solutions directly. My experience to the program so far has exceeded my expectations. I will always recommend the program to my friends and colleagues.blockquote_right

Konstantina Takou